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T-luscious Tea Story

Hello and welcome to T-luscious Tea!

T-luscious Tea is a brand new organic herbal tea on the market that was born out of love and passion for nature, natural health and herbal teas.

I am a food scientist, certified food & health coach, product developer and passionate tea enthusiast. 

T-luscious tea is my first own tea brand that I have been working on for the last 2 years, researching, formulating and trying it out.

I wanted to create a Wellness tea for better health that will help people to improve their sleep, help with anxiety and stress.

Creating teas for better health and not just for myself  has been my dream for a long time.

I have always been close to nature growing up in a country side and learning about healing power of natural plants.I have been developing my own herbal tea blends for a while. I was looking for natural ways to help me when my own health was suffering. I have developed my own formulation of a delicate floral tea with herbs and flowers that has a soft calming effect on body and mind. 

I called my first T-luscious Tea Calming Beauty as it has calming effect and it is beneficial for skin and hair as well. Each of nine ingredients in the tea also has anti-inflammatory  properties.The tea blend has all organic ingredients: Passionflower leaves, Lemon Verbena, Nettle, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose petals and Siberian Ginseng root for extra health benefits. All these ingredients work well together to make this tea promote relaxation, better sleep, and have invigorating effect for skin and hair.

T-luscious Tea combines love of our beautiful nature, herbal teas and passion for all things natural and healthy.

It has been  packed into biodegradable pyramid tea bags for convenience in fully recyclable environmentally friendly packaging. No plastic!

It has been manufactured in Australia from local and imported organic herbs from different parts of the world. T-luscious Tea is embracing the whole world on its journey.

I look forward to sharing my T-luscious Teas with everyone! 

Svetlana, the founder of T-luscious Tea.